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What is Vulnerability Assessment?

We scan and assess your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities during Vulnerability Assessment (also known as Vulnerability Scanning). The majority of vulnerabilities found during our vulnerability scans will not be exploited and accessed, yet any false-positives will be eliminated.

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What is Penetration Testing?

In order to determine how likely your business is to face real-world risks from today's threats, penetration tests (or "pentest") examine your IT systems.

A pentest is intended to identify your weaknesses and to determine the damage that could be caused by a malicious attacker.

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Types of Pen Testing We Do

Levels of pen testing: White box vs black box vs grey box

White box penetration testing - the tester is provided with full information about the network and systems. In this way, time can be saved and engagement costs can be reduced. With white box penetration testing, as many attack vectors as possible are used to simulate a targeted attack. This is one of the cheapest testing options.

Black box penetration testing - when the tester doesn't get any information about the system. From initial access, execution, and exploitation, in this instance, the pen tester replicates an unauthorized attacker. An adversary without inside knowledge could compromise an organization as demonstrated in this scenario, which is one of the most authentic.

Grey box penetration testing - the tester receives limited information like login credentials. It provides an insight into the level of access and potential damage that may be caused by a privileged user. An insider threat or an attack that has breached the perimeter can be simulated with grey box tests, which strike a balance between depth and efficiency.

Why is pentest so important?

You have something that is “worth protecting.” Your reputation, your legal liabilities, your business, your IP, your business secrets, among other things. In order to increase the security posture of your organization and protect the data it holds, pentesting is a vital tool. It can assist with recognizing weaknesses before they are taken advantage of by a hacker. By recognizing and fixing weaknesses, you can extraordinarily diminish the possibilities of an effective hack.

Questions we ask initially

We seek to understand your business operations in some detail:
- General business details, what kind of business etc.
- Do you know if you have been hacked before?
- What is your plan of action if we discover you were hacked prior?
- Would you follow our remedial plan of action?
- Are we a good fit for each other?
- What are your objectives for the pen tests?
- What is the scope of the overall evaluation?
- Are you trying to meet compliance or regulatory requirements?
- What is your timeline to get it all accomplished?

What is the Cost of a Pentest?

The overall cost of our penetration tests can range anywhere from $10K-$250K. 70% of our time is utilized on manual pen testing and 30% on writing the final report - which could be 30-100+ pages.

We have a two-week minimum engagement requirement, with the average engagement at four weeks in length. Our assessments are of high-intensity nature, and highly in demand, so there is always a lead-in time between scheduling and formally starting our work. Our services will resemble the cyber-activities of real-world malicious party activities, so we won't take it easy on you during testing.

We provide a binding firm fixed price quote for all projects for a methodical and thorough manual pen testing. Different factors that directly influence the cost of pentest are:
- Scope: The more far reaching the pentest, the higher the investment.    
- Type of testing:
 A black box test is more costly than a white box test because it is tedious.
 Penetration testing must be conducted utilizing universally acknowledged and industry-standard systems.
- Automated vs manual:
 Manual testing is more costly but most effective in finding vulnerabilities.
- Complexity of target environment:
 The more intricate the target climate, the additional time and resources it will take to distinguish and survey possible systemic weaknesses.
- Tester qualifications:
 Experienced ethical hackers provide a thorough pentest which has it's own benefit in avoiding problems in the long term.
- Time frame:
 The more drawn out the testing time period the higher the overall cost.

Putting it all together

- A technical expert will be your technical resource from our side. You will not be talking complex technical matters with a non-technical person.
- We will share insights concerning our testing methodologies, ways we conduct the testing, the degree of profundity to which we take our testing and how we bundle our findings together.
- Our final report won't just distinguish specialized weaknesses; in addition, the business and application flaws will be a feature of the findings and the need for specific remediation. The report will contain an executive summary and specialized subtleties complete with POC for each finding.

The hidden benefits

The quick advantages are clear. Manage your organizational network's shortcomings, maintain compliance, and foster the trust of end-clients by making the best choices from business, security and legal angles.

However, there are more subtle advantages to your network protection remediation: your deftness improves, empowering you to seize opportunities more promptly. Besides we assure to diminish your risk profile which reduces your risk mitigation cost.

Your security -your culture

Your most important decision

Your most critical choice is whom to entrust with your network protection needs. Not every person in this business can work to this level. It's a restrictive domain, one wherein we are comfortably at home.

In substance, anything your network protection needs, we have the aptitude to assist in accomplishing your objectives.

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