Cloud Migration

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cloud migration
Make your tech-debt obsolete

The lasting and effective solution is to upgrade your existing tech infrastructure and transform your organization through Cloud Migration—the transitioning of your systems and data into a Cloud-based infrastructure. Among its benefits, greater agility, heightened security, real-time collaboration, streamlined productivity and lower operating costs are just the beginning.

However, finding a company with the necessary expertise, capability and reliability to migrate your sensitive data while maintaining the integrity of your day-to-day operations—often on a huge scale—is a challenge in itself.

Unless, of course, you’ve found Royale.


Outdated technology can be a constant drain on valuable resources. Even if you’re fully aware of the tech-debt incurred through persistent legacy systems, the problem remains—what to do about it

Royale Cloud Migration delivers

Enhanced flexibility and real-time collaboration


Sharper progress optics and tighter cost control


Proactive security and automated backups


Significant productivity improvements


Lower data requirements and greatly increased efficiency


Lower data requirements and greatly increased peace-of-mind dealing with high-tech skills of industry experts.

World-class Cloud Migration

Royale brings a detail-oriented discipline to Cloud Migration, to offer a world-class bespoke service with the power to revitalize your organization. Our insightful, strategic approach supports the needs of your business today, while positioning it to achieve future goals—all while retiring your existing tech-debt burden.

Foresight, four steps

Success is easier if you can focus on business activity without being distracted by the technological issues. Be it Federal Government or Healthcare or Private Sector corporations, it doesn’t matter how large your company or infrastructure is, or where in the 50 states it’s located, Royale can help mitigate tech problems and realize that success.

We employ a proven four-step process to initiate your organization’s migration to the Cloud environment:

Path Strategy

Determine the best cloud model suited to your needs.


Custom-build your Cloud environment and design systems that deliver increased speed, savings and security.


Seamlessly migrate on-site data to the Cloud, without disruption


Continuously improve the system and empower you to succeed in your organization’s mission.

Better, we work closely alongside you every step of the way, as true partners.


In every way, Royale’s Cloud Migration service is the gold-standard, for today and tomorrow.

Initiative, ingenuity and innovation

Competence happens through planning, not by chance.

Royale enlists only exceptional engineers with bare minimum eight years’ relevant and productive work experience. Our ability to design and deploy Cloud systems—including everything from software to servers, networking to analytics—is cutting edge. There are a lot of Cloud ‘experts’ out there, but none with our unique mix of military experience, technical know-how, and sheer capacity to deliver. And when you’re dealing with the tax-payer’s dollar, it’s important to remember you get what you pay for.

To us, the job is never truly ‘done’—the next great IT breakthrough could be just around the corner. So we constantly monitor developments and find ways to adapt new ideas and technologies into our clients’ systems.

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