External Penetration 

Hackers want to shellack you. What are you doing to protect yourself?
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Eliminate external threats with External Penetration Testing

External Network Penetration Testing

During an External Attack and an External Internet-Facing Penetration Test, our advisors utilize similar apparatuses and strategies utilized by the hackers to break the public-facing IT networks of your organization.

The objective is to recognize your infrastructure weaknesses early and counsel you on the most proficient methods to fix them, before a genuine hacking event happens. During an external penetration test, we endeavor to get sufficiently close to however many of your frameworks as would be prudent from an external perspective.

Approach & Methodology

Our External Penetration Tests are accomplished from the perspective of a cyber criminal/hacker. We purposefully follow these elaborate steps:

- Surveillance to accumulate insights about your external organizational network and distinguish all critical resources belonging to your company.
- Examining to find network systems administrations and applications, and map external networks to their related weaknesses.
- Exploitation to assault and compromise network targets, for example, external web applications, email and VPN services and public facing websites.
-Exfiltration to remove delicate information about your organization, for example, individual data, source code, business communications, business secrets, financial information and so on, and in this way show the effect of a genuine insider attack.


We will submit a detailed report after finishing our testing. The report includes:

- Executive Summary featuring exceptionally evaluated weaknesses and business risks, and our recommendations.
- Specialized Report with our discoveries and proposed proposals for remediation and removal of the recognized weaknesses
- Presentation of the highly critical weaknesses and business chances (optional)

Benefits of External Pentesting

Can you, today, with certainty reply "Yes!" to the following?
- I'm ready for an information spill or digital assault.
- My business secrets are not compromised 100 percent.
- I'm certain none of my external IT frameworks are already compromised.
- I trust every one of my workers 100%.

Our job is to give you peace of mind and put these feelings of trepidations to rest.

Benefits of Working with us

Certified Cyber Security Team

Our team holds an extensive variety of Information Security expertise. Our seasoned hackers have the depth and breadth of expertise in this exclusive field.

Fixed Project Costs

We offer firm fixed price quote,  before we start work. There are no surprises after you accept and our work begins.

Clear Communication

Our reports are detailed, relevant and straightforward that will clearly explain the issues and remediation proposals on to both your business and technical groups.

International Service

Our work is available globally, irrespective of your country or location, we can perform our work remotely for you.

Tailor-made Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests are custom made to meet the unique needs of your organization regardless of how large or small.

Client Satisfaction

We attach great importance to building long term relationship with our clients, and nearly all of of our work is referral based.


Who are your adversaries?


Albeit not freely expressed, a few competitors with malicious goals utilize unlawful hacking to target and harm your organization. They target : (a) Corporate secrets (b) Key individuals data (c) Business dealings.

Organized Cyber Criminals

Coordinated Cyber Criminals search for quick through blackmail. They target : (a) Credit card data, (b) Individual data, (c) Business plans (d) Trade secrets


Hacktivists are driven with advancing a political or social agenda.
They target : (a) Key individuals data (b) Sensitive business dealings (c) Trade secrets.

Nation states

Countries focus on gaining political, monetary, technological or military benefit depending upon the business you are in. They target : (a) Key representative communication (b) Sensitive business dealings (c) Trade secrets (d) IP theft.

What we do in External Penetration Test?

External Web Servers and Websites

We attempt to breach internet-facing websites and servers of your organization.

External VPN Servers

We attempt to breach public-facing VPN servers belonging to your organization.

External Mail Servers

We attempt to breach Internet-facing mail servers of your organization.

External Application Servers

We attempt to breach external application servers used by people to connect to your organization

External Database Servers

We attempt to breach databases that public uses to connect to your organization.

External File Servers

We attempt to breach file servers that public uses to connect to your organization.

Which vulnerabilities are covered in External Penetration Test?

 Any software vulnerabilities in your public-facing network infrastructure

Request Forgery vulnerabilities in your External network services

Broken Authentication and Authorization vulnerabilities in external services

DNS Spoofing/Poisoning

Credential Reuse, Weak Passwords & Default Passwords vulnerabilities

WAF and IDS evasion attacks

What is the impact of a damaging external hacking attack?

Financial losses

You might not financially survive the hack

Information losses

Most attacks will result in damaging information losses that end up costing more to fix or litigate

Reputational loss

Customers will find it hard to trust you again. Your trade secrets will be exposed and your competitiveness will dilute significantly.

 Customers trust is lost

Customers and Vendors will walk away especially if they are negatively affected by the hack.

Operational disruption

A malicious hack will result in disrupting your entire business model which will cost you.


Expect expensive and time consuming litigation if customer and/or vendor data is lost.

Why do you need an External Penetration Test?

 Assess the viability of existing public-facing network safeguards

Know the weaknesses of your external IT frameworks and work on fixing them

Build a resilient External IT security posture

Train your workforce for that day when your systems could be hacked

Comply with industry standards & regulatory compliances

Sleep well knowing you are doing everything possible to keep your IT frameworks secure and compliant

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