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For public-health governmental agencies like Health and Human Services, Department of Veterans Affairs and Military Health System, we provide leading-edge digital technology solutions. We have the technology and talent to simplify your data access, streamline its integration, standardization and storage, and revolutionize the way your agency deliver services.

An inefficient medical system. A world-wide public health crisis. Those analog legacy systems buckling under the pressure of a relentless digital environment. If ever there were a time to overhaul the public-health space, this is it.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Records (EHR), more than any other technological development, have the power to transform and synthesize the health industry in the United States. EHR is much more than the painstaking conversion of paper to digital files. It is a patient’s entire medical history—and potentially their healthcare future—in editable digital form, instantly and securely available to authorized users nationwide.

The interoperability of EHR provides an unprecedented level of information exchange, saving healthcare agencies on their bottom line and delivering better outcomes for the reason they exist in the first place—the patient.

As a state-of-the-art data management tool, an EHR will:

Contain a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, imaging, and test results—information from all clinicians involved in their care


Allow access to evidence-based tools that providers can use to make decisions about that patient’s care


Automate and streamline provider workflow

Pandemic-ready IT systems

COVID-19 made clear what we had known for a long time: a pandemic-ready IT system is urgently needed to strengthen data quality and information technology systems in state and local health departments. Our commitment to innovation gave us a head start in developing the software and processes that will soon lead the way in the provision of medical care.

We do not provide off-the-rack solutions. Every government agency receives custom platform to suit their exact needs, as well as the high-level technical team to implement it.

This 21st century system will be a secure, streamlined and cost-effective platform that:
- Saves time by automating manual processes
- Streamlines reporting between healthcare and public health
- Enhances the use of data
for critical policy and emergency decisions
- Increases readiness for additional waves of COVID-19 and all future public health threats

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SaaS Research Platform

We can custom build a HIPAA-compliant SaaS Research Platform to provide insights into advances in EHRs and consumer technologies affecting Health IT, while collecting data of interest, such as genomics, biomarkers and vaccines.

A single, flexible, cost-effective  platform can not only combine data  from various sources to improve healthcare outcomes, but can also employ Artificial Intelligence and Big  Data Analytics to work on new  discoveries at speed and scale.

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Thinking beyond

The public health industry languishes because its bogged down in old technology. But through healthcare IT managed services and data analytics, we can help plot a course out of this legacy quagmire into the 21st century and beyond. By making sense of your data, we empower you to optimize patient/population management, meet all regulatory requirements, and focus on your core mission.

We will audit your entire IT footprint and recommend the ideal combination of custom-built,  HIPAA-compliant, web and mobile apps, including AI, to ensure the highest performance, with military-  grade privacy and cybersecurity.

healthcare it managed services
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