IT staff augmentation.

The right people at the right times.

Expert IT staff, ready when you need them

Every project has its peaks and valleys, in terms of scale and productivity. But how do you employ a team with the necessary skills to meet high demand without leaving them under-utilized the rest of the time?

The answer is... you don’t! The best thing to do is use Royale’s IT staff augmentation service, to ensure your workforce is perfectly balanced with your work rate.

IT staff augmentation is simply the ability to bring in experts in a given field at short notice, for as long or short a time as necessary. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to optimise your output. You can choose any discipline required, at any point in a project’s continuum, for as long as you need. And with Royale, you can be confident the people augmenting your team can hit the ground running, and make a big difference with minimal disruption.

For government agencies

Government agencies are stretched increasingly thin, pulled in one direction by a mounting list of mission objectives, and in another by budgetary uncertainty. They need to ensure their-portfolio of services meets—or even exceeds—their needs in terms of flexibility, cost, and operational control.

As a result, many government agencies are turning to staff augmentation to gain additional flexibility, expertise and scalability. Indeed, over a third of government managers in the US use staff augmentation services.

Why? Because it enables them to respond with agility, even in the absence of long-term budgetary and personnel certainty. Where it used to take them months to find the personnel required to support a new business process, with IT staff augmentation, they can now do it in as little as 30 days (often fewer).


Rely on the best


On-demand staff augmentation isn’t new. But Royale has refined the process to revolveentirely around your needs—both in the immediate term and with your big-picture goals inmind.

We draw upon a huge pool of skilled and experienced individuals across all facets of IT, fromauditing to systems management. We only source the best, because we know that anythingless isn’t good enough.

No matter the size of the project, we help keep downtime down and productivity up. RoyaleIT people have proven records of knowledge and performance. They have the ability tointegrate quickly and seamlessly into your project team, keeping your schedule on track,your costs down, and development goals met.

Scale Up, Cost Down

Royale IT staff augmentation is the only resource you will ever need to solve temporary andon-demand staffing issues.

Our many benefits to your organization include:

Access to the best people along the entire project development process, in any number you need


Rapid scaling up or down to suit your specific needs and budget


Understanding of your broader project and business goals to ensure the new members of your extended team are custom-fit


Significant time and cost savings vs traditional hiring and recruiting methods


Strict compliance with all government and organizational practices and policies


True flexibility so you can proceed with confidence toward project deadlines


Ongoing involvement from Royale’s IT services if desired—we’re with you all the way


Available 24/7, we’re just a phone call or email away

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