How Should You Work With an IT Recruitment Agency To Get the Best Candidates?
July 7, 2022
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The demand for third-party technology recruiters has significantly increased. It’s because hiring IT talent is very complicated and different from other backgrounds. For this, the recruiter should have at least basic IT knowledge. It’s better if the recruiters are IT professionals themselves.


Sometimes, the organizations connect with the best IT recruitment agency but they don’t get the right talents. This happens when the organization and the recruiters are not on the same page. It happens when things are not communicated and there are conflicts even on small issues. Most importantly, it happens because of the different perspectives of both parties.


Wit ha few simple things, you can make the process easy and get the most out of your IT recruitment agency.


Brief about your ideal candidate

IT recruiters are experienced and they know everything. But, the fact is every organization has some specifications for the candidates. The organizations have a checklist for the ideal IT candidate. If you don’t brief these points to the IT recruitment agency, the recruiters will follow a standard procedure and bring candidates accordingly, which might not be acceptable to you.


The IT recruitment agency will represent your company before the candidates, so, you should inform the recruiters as much as possible. Don’t forget to brief them about your company as well.


The briefing might take time but it will be beneficial for you in the long run. Also, the recruiters will not waste time calling candidates that don’t fall in your category.


Build a level of trust with the recruiter

You hired an IT recruitment agency for a purpose. Once the purpose gets over, you might not stay connected. But, still, you should build a strong relationship with recruiters. They are the ones who are hired by you to find someone transformational for your business.


Before the recruitment process starts, you should share maximum information about your organization with the recruiters. It’s said that how you treat the recruiter will be reflected by them before the candidates.


You should build a level of trust with the recruiters and share all the critical information surrounding the role. For example, if the position is new, the reason why the previous employee left and others


Maintain an effective communication

Communication should be two ways. You shouldn’t wait for the recruiter to call and update you about the status of the recruitment process; instead, you should stay in regular contact with the recruiter. You should mention your preferred communication method and frequency so that there is no communication gap. Call in advance if you have a busy schedule.


Other than this, you should give timely advice on the candidates received. You should inform the recruiters why the candidates were not the right fit for the position and the things they need to work upon. No matter what, you shouldn’t hesitate to keep your viewpoints before the recruiters.


Understand the perspective of the IT recruiters

No one knows your organization better than you. Also, no one knows what you are looking for in a candidate better than you. But, this doesn’t mean you will bethe master and consider the technology recruiters as subservient in the recruitment process.


The IT recruitments are qualified and experienced in the recruitment process. They know tips and tricks to attract IT candidates and handle them at everyrecruitment stage. So, you should listen to your recruiters as well. You should know and understand their perspective.


If the flow of the communication is uninterrupted, the recruitment process will complete without any conflict.


Take your recruiter’s advice on board

You connected with the IT recruitment agency to access recruiters for their specialized knowledge of the field and their experience in hiring that theygained over thousands of interactions with similar clients and candidates and not just for the legwork. So, you should take the recruiter's advice on board.


You should take advice on candidate salaries based on the current market, what to expect from certain candidates, or general insights. The recruiters know the recruitment industry in-depth. So, considering their advice will make the process smooth.


This is how you should work with the IT recruitment agency to get the best candidates for your organization.


The On-boarding process

The IT recruitment agency will help you find the candidates. But, this isn’t enough. There should be a well-defined on-boarding process to retain the talents. Sometimes, candidates withdraw their candidature when they find on-boarding is not done in the right way. This is the time when you integrate the candidates into your organization. So, you should make it easy.


  • The art of storytelling always works in the on-boarding process. You should share the mission and vision of your organization along with all your achievements.     You should share the projects handled by your organization and the projects that are in the pipeline. This will give a sense of belonging and achievement to the new employees.
  • If you have hired candidates for junior or mid-level roles, you should be a bit extra careful during the on-boarding process. You should give them more than     normal time and help them get into the team culture, establish a routine and understand new processes. This might take days and even a week. This is important to eliminate their fear and make them confident in a new environment.


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