How to Know Your Company Needs IT Staff Augmentation
May 18, 2022
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The right IT talent is deemed as the most important asset for any company. If they have the right knowledge and skillset, they can help you achieve success by delivering projects with higher quality and on time. On the other hand, if your company doesn’t have the right talent, it makes it difficult for you to establish your roots as a reputable IT brand in this competitive market.

Besides, if your company doesn’t have the right number of employees to take care of the responsibilities and carry out operations, it struggles to meet its objectives in short term as well as long term. You can easily find the right talent at short notice with the help of one of the top IT staff augmentation companies in the United States.

But how do you identify whether your company needs more IT staff to fill in temporary and permanent positions? Here, we will discuss some scenarios that indicate the need for IT staff augmentation. But, before we focus on that, let’s first understand what IT staff augmentation means.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation refers to the outsourcing strategy of hiring IT tech employees remotely to cover the necessary positions in a company on a temporary or permanent basis. Thus, it is different from IT staff recruitment which points to the strategy of hiring IT tech resources for in-house positions.

IT staff augmentation is quickly becoming more popular as it allows IT companies to scale up or scale down the augmented team as per their unique requirements. It offers a great way to add the expertise of skilled IT professionals to your in-house development team as it needs:

·      No IT infrastructure investment

·      No money and time to spend on the recruitment process

·      No additional money to spend on in-house employees

·      Not to be restricted by geographical limitations.

When Should Your Company Augment Your IT Staff?

Identifying the need for when or when you don’t need additional technical resources begins with determining the existing staff capabilities and defining what skills are required. Here are some of the top scenarios that will help you identify when you need IT staff augmentation:

1.     The Need to Shorten the Window of Marketing

In today’s time, the two things matter the most when launching a new app, portal, website, digital platform, or an IT product that makes the work of people easier or enhances the experience of customers in a unique way. The first is the timing of the launch and the second is the quality of that IT product.

No matter what kind of IT projects you handle, your ability and time to make your products or services available for marketing and utilization make a big impact on how successful a project will be. The IT market is getting very competitive, and hence, an augmented IT staff can help you meet deadlines and deliver projects quickly.

So, if you sense that you need to accelerate the time-to-market and enhance the quality of an IT product, it is worth discussing your requirements with one of the best IT staff augmentation companies in your area.

2.     The Need for Niche IT Expertise to Complete Your Project

Sometimes, niche IT expertise is needed not just for IT projects but also for many non-IT projects. For any IT project, it is crucial to identify which expertise is necessary for their project. Getting the right IT expertise is what lies between a project’s success and failure.

It can be difficult to hire new IT expertise for each project and then ask them to leave the job or pay them even when you don’t need them for other projects. So, it’s better to take advantage of IT staff augmentation companies to find the right niche expertise and integrate with your in-house IT staff.

3.     The Need to Close the Skills Gap for Short or Long Term

Most IT companies often have multiple projects that need to be delivered before their deadlines while ensuring quality. Many of these projects require a different set of skills for successful completion on time. If you also have projects for which you don’t have the right skills in-house, you can address the issue dynamically on a per-project basis by seeking the help of a reputable IT staff augmentation company.

An IT staff augmentation company can help you close the skills gap by allowing you to utilize the expertise of web developers, designers, software testers, DevOps engineers, mobile app developers, programmers, or whatever skills you need.

4.     The Need for Digital Transformation When You Don’t Have Core Competency in IT

After the pandemic, more and more businesses are shifting to digital platforms and most of these don’t have the IT core competency to make this shift happen. If IT is not your core competency as well but you are taking a plunge into a digital working environment or planning to offer your products and services online, an IT staff augmentation company can provide you with an effective yet affordable solution to you.

With staff augmentation, your company can easily utilize the expertise of IT professionals that can help you with everything right from IT security to IT compliance to the development of digital platforms that your company needs for your employees or your customers.

How do you find one of the top IT staff augmentation companies in the USA?

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