IT Staff Augmentation Services
November 2, 2021
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What Exactly is IT Staff Augmentation Services?

IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing technique that involves recruiting qualified technical workers on an as-needed basis to fill open roles on your team, either temporarily or permanently. It enables businesses to select only applicants who meet their needs and eliminate or expand their augmented staff. Many businesses provide employee augmentation. IT staff augmentation companies can assist you in adding competent technical professionals to your in-house development team on a short or long-term basis.

IT staff augmentation is a subset of general staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a contract-based outsourcing service provided by an external supplier to supplement the knowledge and skills of the existing in-house staff. This technique entails assessing existing staff competencies and identifying what skills are required. Because the vendor employs these resources directly, the vendor avoids the cost and liability of making new full-time personnel. Remote developers employed through a staffing firm are committed to only one project at a time.

Staff Augmentation May be Right for You If:

You already have engineers working on your product in the local office, but you want to expand your team to include a team of programmers who will build another product component. You need to hire a team of 3-8 tech professionals, but this is impossible due to a skills scarcity in your local market. You recognize that local recruitment will take too long and that, given the dangers and high market demand, this alternative is not practical.

You are working on a technological product with a team of programmers and adding fresh engineers to your team. Because the professionals you want to hire are hard to come by in your country, you're looking to broaden your search. You collaborate with a project outsourcing firm to develop your product, but this model does not work for you for various reasons. First, you want to communicate with your team regularly, and second, you want to get to know your remote programmers to feel like they're members of your local team. Both of these are critical for remote team integration with the local team and the desire to work toward a common goal.

Staff Augmentation vs Alternative Models

Staff Augmentation

With the staff augmentation approach, you have the option of personally selecting applicant sand managing them using the ways of your choice. Essentially, the vendor handles all organizational and administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on your core tasks and engage with your augmented team in the same way that you do with your in-house engineers.

Managed Services

The project outsourcing provider handles all parts of your project's development, from forming a team with available developers to handling all processes on their own. You don't require in-house tech skills or to devote time to your small development staff. Customers frequently don't know who is working on their project, what developers are currently doing, or which decisions are made along the process when project outsourcing is used.

Own Research and Development Center

If you need to hire at least 40 people, you can open your R&D center in a country with a more favorable business environment and a larger pool of tech expertise. Opening your R&D center entails delving into the country's legal structure, earning its cultural quirks, and taking all of the risks on your own.

What Are the Advantages of Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation allows a better degree of productivity because the developers are focused on a single project 100 percent of the time instead of a project outsourcing team, which can manage numerous projects concurrently. Working for one customer and adhering to their large vision entails greater degrees of drive and dedication.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights are yours from the start of your collaboration with your dedicated developers.


You become more adaptable on two fronts, primarily: You receive access to a diverse pool of IT specialists, from UI/UX designers and front-end developers to Scrum masters and product owners. It is considerably easier to replace a developer because the talent pool is more extensive. If you work with a staff augmentation partner like Royale, you won't have to spend extra money on the transition.


The cost structure of staff augmentation is exceptionally apparent. You won't have to worry about administrative or organizational costs like office space, workstations, or other amenities. You merely pay the price, and the seller handles all of the details while you relax.

How Can Team Augmentation Help You Succeed?

Choose a vendor who will supply your remote developers with separate team rooms equipped with all necessary amenities. Assure that remote engineers experience the impact of being part of your local team. We install so-called "windows to the client" at the request of sure of our clients – there's a camera in the team's room and a screen that shows what's going on in the local office. Please inquire with the vendor whether they have pros who can assist you in collaborating with your team more effectively.

Manage variable skill staffing, eliminate hiring problems, and cut recruitment expenditures.

Staff augmentation services help organizations achieve a variety of business goals, including shorter time-to-market and industry-specific technical experience to improve the quality and speed of the development process and reduce the investment and time spent on training and skill development.

IT experts can assist the clients in their skill shortages, gaps, and varying staffing needs by developing, maintaining, managing, and supporting software systems. You may be offered services in the following skill areas:

·     Website Development

·     Programming for Mainframes

·     Analyses of Business

·     Engineering and Software Development

·     Design, development, and administration of databases

·     Analysis of Systems

·     Engineering and administration of networks

·     Technical Support and Help Desk

·     Management of Projects

·     Writing Technical Documents