What are Some Effective Recruitment Strategies for an New HR Manager?
May 4, 2022
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The recruitment process is an integral part of any organization for talent acquisition to run its operations with efficiency. It is part of the job of HR managers on behalf of the business to support human resource management. An HR manager follows a recruitment strategy that aligns with the company’s initiatives and strategic goals to draw in more talent within the organization to reach its goals in the work market.

When someone joins in as a new HR manager in an organization, he or she brings in some new strategies to support the organizational goals aligned with the existed HR strategies. However, they follow the same recruitment approach to attract new talent and retain top talent in the organization that other HR managers follow in their respective organizations. There is always a scope to improve the recruitment strategy by including new tactics and tools to step up the recruitment efforts through a planned and practical approach.

When you plan a recruitment strategy for your organization, many elements could potentially help you stand out in your job listings among the competition. Here’re some proven recruitment strategies that every HR manager should use to bring in the best talent within the organization.

Develop an employer brand

Your employer brand is what will set you apart from the competition and let your potential candidates know why they should work for you. It should reflect the culture, mission, values, and long-term plans of your organization. There are many ways to create and develop transparent employer branding to reflect the work culture of the company. HR managers can use advertisements, social media campaigns, and the company’s website to deliver the brand messaging of the organization to influence more candidates to apply for a new job opening. The primary goal of employer branding is to showcase your organization as a great place to work.

Create job listings that reflect your company’s goal

Your job posting is the candidate's first impression of you. You want to appear organized and professional while communicating your recruitment objectives. To attract the best candidates, the HR manager must create job postings that stand out from the crowd. Make your job listings look relevant to specific job profiles with all the information an applicant could seek before applying for the role. This will help you attract qualified candidates and acquire more applicants who could fit in your work market.

Make the best use of social media

In addition to job portal sites and internet job boards, HR managers should make the most of the social media platforms for employer branding and job posting. You can easily find many businesses posting hiring notices on social media platforms to drive the attention of their followers who could be a good fit for the role but don’t have access to the internet job portals. Social recruiting is critical, especially when attempting to target millennials. Many of your fans and followers want to work for your organization but don’t know how to get into the recruitment. Social recruiting lets them know about current vacancies and how they can apply for the roles they fit in.

Maximize employee referrals

According to SHRM Benchmarking Survey, referrals are the top source of new hires. Having an effective employee referral policy and the system allows you to reap numerous benefits. This converts your employees into touch points for talent acquisition. It’s time to take employee referrals more seriously and increase the referral incentive payments for your employees to influence them to drive more applicants for the current openings. It will encourage your employees to utilize their networks and assist in the filling of open positions. It is the source of the best candidates in the work market, and every HR manager should plan a strategy to make it a worthy investment. It will help you retain a personal touch in your recruitment strategy.

Leverage technology

When it comes to hiring, technology can be your most valuable asset. It can drastically reduce manual intervention and, as a result, manual errors. Online personality tests and quizzes on internet job boards and websites can significantly reduce the manual effort in finding the right candidates. It is a great way to see who fits and who would not be a good fit in the company culture. HR managers should also invest in an applicant tracking system to save their time and efforts in the job posting, application screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding process.

Consider college recruiting

For startup company recruitment, HR managers must prioritize talent over experience. It is a great way to acquire new and raw talent that no one has yet tapped. Conducting college recruiting allows you to reach out to such talents who are interested in full-time as well as internship opportunities. You can recruit from colleges in a variety of ways, including college fairs, volunteering, and campus online job boards to hire new talents in your organization.