What is Staff Augmentation in Healthcare IT?
April 18, 2022
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Staff Augmentation is the practice of employing resources for certain periods and duties in response to demand. This might be a year-long contract, a direct-hire arrangement, anon-call backup, or various arrangements involving people, time, and money. The main point is that it is up to the customer and the Healthcare IT professional or Staffing Firm to establish what is required and how an agreement for a specific need will be met.

In simpler terms, Staff Augmentation in the IT sector refers to adding additional talent to your team on a need-to-know basis. It's not always possible to have a full-fledged in-house IT team as markets and budgets change frequently. We assist bridge the gap between your employment demands and your staffing reality as a leading Staff Augmentation agency by finding the appropriate fit for your hard-to-fill or temporary jobs.

We are a one-stop-shop for IT Staffing. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to create a more agile company that you can multiply as needed. So, you can regain your time and focus on what matters most in business, and we handle the challenging task of finding you the perfect talent.

Why should you opt for Staff Augmentation?

Hiring full-time employees can be challenging and becoming more difficult for health systems. Many top developers, testers, and project managers are lured by contract work and choose Staff Augmentation assignments to support their lifestyle. Since working from home is so widespread in IT, many engineers have spent years doing so. Many of these people dislike traveling to work and sitting in a cubicle. This is a significant impediment to attracting the most outstanding possible people, ultimately what any company desires.

How has Staff Augmentation gained popularity in the sphere of Healthcare?

When it comes to the healthcare sector, hospitals are accustomed to the conventional model of employment and operations. So, Staff Augmentation is a massive shift in thinking. Offsite work may raise security issues, while some may see it as an opportunity to reduce physical presence near medical records and the like for personnel who don't need access to Personal Health Information (PHI).Regardless, there is outstanding talent available for hire for those companies ready to embrace the trend and see Staff Augmentation as a net benefit for their Healthcare IT initiatives.

Why Choose Us?

Customized to Your Specific Requirements

Our IT Staff Augmentation services give you the talent you need to increase your project and organizational capability in the short and long term, whether you're a government agency or in the private sector.

Instant Help with Urgent Projects

When you have an urgent project to accomplish, supplement your current team with the additional talent to help you get the job done quicker. Our IT recruitment services assist you in assembling a customized workforce to meet your specific organizational and project requirements. 

Smooth Vendor Transitions

Having a few extra professional hands is essential when onboarding a new vendor. With our dependable IT staff augmentation services, we provide you with the team of professionals you need to move your entire organization to go live and beyond effortlessly.

Short Term Staff Augmentation

Short-term Staff Augmentation is an excellent alternative for urgent skill needs. We promptly satisfy your demands with our on-demand network of elite people, allowing you to continue operating without service gaps.

Long Term Staff Augmentation

When aiming for long-term success, having a solid team is crucial. We discover the IT professionals you require for long-term initiatives, ensuring that you have dependable support from the start of the project to the end.

Who Do We Collaborate With?

Government Agencies with IT Support

Due to tight funds and competing agendas, government agencies are chronically understaffed. Finding the proper IT personnel who are trustworthy, efficient, and vigilant to the difficulties of dealing with the agency's nuances might seem overwhelming due to the sensitive nature of government organizations' information.

We are a premier IT recruitment firm for government organizations, and we understand the difficulties you encounter. We provide short and long-term talent solutions to help you achieve your goals without sacrificing quality or cost. In addition, when you require personnel to meet your technical difficulties, our government agency IT Staff Augmentation services provide a flexible Staffing option.

Providing IT Support to the Private Sector

We supply the appropriate people at the right time, limiting your risk and adding immediate value, whether you're a start-up trying to get off the ground or an industry veteran looking to add a few skilled hands to complete an IT project. We are the IT recruiting business of choice for companies trying to get projects off the ground fast, fill short-term personnel gaps, avoid in-house burnout, or increase profits.

Our team includes top IT talent such as web developers, software testers, mobile developers, designers, and any other IT specialists you require. We ensure that you can build the team you need without breaking the bank or wasting time with time-consuming recruitment processes.


When you think of the question "what is staff augmentation in Healthcare IT,” understanding certain concepts like what exactly Staff Augmentation is just as important. Staff Augmentation can be an extremely beneficial practice for organizations, even those in the Healthcare IT sector. So, reach out to Royale to sort all your Staff Augmentation requirements. We offer some of the most talented team of IT professionals who will solve all your concerns in no time!