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Red Team PenTesting for your secured
mature network defense

How can a Red Team Pentesting Help ?

Organizations who've run numerous pentests and solidified their security posture might be searching for a method for raising the stakes to scrutinize their better safeguards.

Named after Red Team military war games, a team of ethical hackers (Red Team) goes after the security controls of an objective acting in defense (The Blue Team).

While the objective of the pentest is to find security holes, exploit them and access every weakness in the IT infrastructure, Red's Teamer will likely uncover the data they can steal.

Who is good fit for a Red Team Pentesting?

The Red Team technique is ideal for organizations with a developed security posture — who are sure about the guards they've constructed and need to test their diligent efforts.

Companies who have only done vulnerability assessment should accomplish few pentests and hardening their security posture before engaging read team operations.

What happens during the Red Team Attack?

Our team will be open a dedicated line to confirm that threats are not the work of a real hacker.

Although you won’t tell you when we breach your security, but we'll let you know immediately if we notice any critical vulnerabilities in the system.

We will share changes we’ve made to the environment at the end of the testing, so your IT team can remove those changes when test is over.

How Red Team Operations Work?

Step 1: Rules of Engagement

Each red team engagement begins with a kick-off call where we’ll discuss the data you’d consider your company’s “crown jewels,” or the most sensitive info our pentesters will try to exfiltrate.

Step 2: Red Team Deployment

Our talented Red Team will partition into smaller than normal assault groups, each focusing on an alternate area of you framework — starting with one group for inside networks then onto the next for remote weaknesses, and so on. It's this all encompassing, no limits approach.

Step 3: Length of the Test

Unlike a traditional pentest that last 7-14 days on average, a red teaming engagement goes from 3-4 weeks on average— in some cases significantly longer relying upon the organization size and their frameworks' intricacy.

Benefits of working with us

Certified Cyber Security Team

Our team holds an extensive variety of Information Security expertise. Our seasoned hackers have the depth and breadth of expertise in this exclusive field.

Fixed Project Costs

We offer firm fixed price quote,  before we start work. There are no surprises after you accept and our work begins.

International Service

Our work is available globally, irrespective of your country or location, we can perform our work remotely for you.

Clear Communication

Our reports are detailed, relevant and straightforward that will clearly explain the issues and remediation proposals on to both your business and technical groups.

Tailor-made Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests are custom made to meet the unique needs of your organization regardless of how large or small.

Client Satisfaction

We attach great importance to building long term relationship with our clients, and nearly all of of our work is referral based.

Why do you need a Red Team Pentesting?

Identify business risks

Proactively distinguish weaknesses in your IT frameworks that can be taken advantage of by the hackers

Know business risk impact

Understand how much impact and pain you will have to handle, if hacked

Evaluate IT defenses

Check if your IT defenses can even handle a real-world hacking assault

Improve IT security posture

Plug the security holes in your IT infrastructure

Prevent business damage

Do you have a plan in place to prevent reputational and business damage that will occur after the malicious hack?

Prepare staff against hacks

We can help train your staff against genuine hacking events

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