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Vulnerability Assessment

Finding weaknesses in your IT infrastructure
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Understand your security posture

Vulnerability Assessment

During Vulnerability Assessment (automated scanning), our group examines and surveys weaknesses in your IT framework. We won't take advantage of exploiting, and accessing designated assets, yet we will wipe out any misleading false positives.

The objective of Vulnerability Assessment is to rapidly distinguish possible weaknesses in your IT framework to comprehend your ongoing security defense, without reproducing a genuine hacker assault on your system.

Approach & Methodology

Our Vulnerability Assessment is led according to a blackbox testing as a noxious hacker.

We follow these tested paths:

- Observation and Footprinting to assemble knowledge about your IT framework.
- Examining and Enumeration to find targets and evaluate them for vulnerabilities


We will submit a detailed report after finishing our testing. The report includes:

- Executive Summary featuring exceptionally evaluated weaknesses and business risks, and our recommendations;
- Specialized Report with our discoveries and proposed proposals for remediation and removal of the recognized weaknesses
- Presentation of the highly critical weaknesses and business chances (optional)

Benefits of working with us

Certified Hacking Teams

Our team holds an extensive variety of Information Security expertise. Our seasoned hackers have the depth and breadth of expertise in this exclusive field.

Tailor-made Vulnerability Assessment

Our vulnerability assessments are custom made to meet the unique needs of your organization regardless of how large or small.

Clear Communication

Our reports are detailed, relevant and straightforward that will clearly explain the issues and remediation proposals on to both your business and technical groups.

Fixed Project Costs

We offer firm fixed price quote,  before we start work. There are no surprises after you accept and our work begins.

International Service

Our work is available globally, irrespective of your country or location, we can perform our work remotely for you.

Client Satisfaction

We attach great importance to building long term relationship with our clients, and nearly all of of our work is referral based.

Difference between Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing?

Limited in scope

Vulnerability assessment scans only distinguishes weaknesses it can check about. Whereas, a human acting as an ethical hacker is undeniably more imaginative while hacking.

Automated, not manual

Vulnerability assessment evaluations are based on algorithmic scanner checks , and does not act as a hacker would in a real world event.

Mostly identifies known

These scans only educate you concerning the weaknesses they know about. They can't consolidate various weaknesses to arrive at an objective as a human hacker.

Limited checking

A pentest utilizes various devices to test and go after targets, though a vulnerability check is restricted in its scope of evaluations it performs.

No risk understanding

You will receive an automated report for the vulnerability assessment evaluation, but you are still in the dark about business and reputational risks of how a hacker would act?

False-positives possible

A very high probability that false positives may be present in the automated report that will be generated after conducting vulnerability assessment scans.