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Safeguard web applications with Web Apps Penetration Testing

Web App Pen Testing

During a Web Applications Penetration Test, we assault your web applications according to a blackbox point of view, zeroing in on assessing the security of your web applications.

The objective is to recognize weaknesses in your web applications and counsel you on the most proficient method to fix them, before malicious hackers exploit them.

Approach & Methodology

‍‍Our Web App Penetration Tests are accomplished according to a blackbox vantage point and cover the OWASP Top 10 weaknesses. We deliberately follow these steps:
Surveillance to accumulate deep insights about your web application and its rendition data.
- Scanning to recognize sensitive data find endpoints to assault, and guide endpoints to their related weaknesses.
- Exploitation to assault your web application through the recognized weaknesses, hence affirming which weaknesses are real.
- Exfiltration to remove delicate information through your web application, and in this manner show the effect of a genuine assault.


We will submit a detailed report after finishing our testing. The report shall include:
- Executive Summary featuring exceptionally evaluated weaknesses and business risks, and our recommendations.
- Specialized Report with our discoveries and proposed proposals for remediation and removal of the recognized weaknesses.
- Presentation of the highly critical weaknesses and business chances (optional)

Why do you need a Web App Penetration Testing?

Identify business risks

Proactively pinpoint weaknesses in your IT web apps that can be taken advantage of by the hackers

Know business risk impact

Understand how much impact and pain you will have to handle, if hacked

Evaluate IT defenses

Check if your IT defenses can even handle a real-world hacking assault of your web apps

Improve IT security posture

Plug the security holes in your web applications

Prevent business damage

Do you have a plan in place to prevent reputational and business damage that will occur after the malicious hack of you daily-use web applications?

Prepare staff against hacks

We can help train your staff against genuine hacking events

Benefits of working with us

Certified Cyber Security Team

Our team holds an extensive variety of Information Security expertise. Our seasoned hackers have the depth and breadth of expertise in this exclusive field.

Fixed Project Costs

We offer firm fixed price quote,  before we start work. There are no surprises after you accept and our work begins.

Clear Communication

Our reports are detailed, relevant and straightforward that will clearly explain the issues and remediation proposals on to both your business and technical groups.

International Service

Our work is available globally, irrespective of your country or location, we can perform our work remotely for you.

Tailor-made Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests are custom made to meet the unique needs of your organization regardless of how large or small.

Client Satisfaction

We attach great importance to building long term relationship with our clients, and nearly all of of our work is referral based.

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What does our Web Apps Penetration Test cover?

Our Web Applications Penetration Testing covers OWASP Top 10 weaknesses. This technique covers the most critical web application security vulnerabilities.


We exploit injection coding flaws in your web apps.

Broken Authentication

We masquerade & exploit authentication processes.

Cross-Site Scripting

We attempt to redirect users to controlled websites.

Direct Object References

We manipulate direct object references in web apps.

Security Misconfiguration

We exploit security flaws in web apps.

Sensitive Data

We uncover sensitive data stored improperly in web apps.

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